Portugal is at the top of the ranking for real estate purchase. According to Live and Invest Overseas, “Compared to Western European cities such as Paris, London, Dublin, Madrid and Rome, the Portuguese capital generally o ers better weather, better real estate prices and lower cost of living”.

Portugal does not suer from a real estate bubble: it has had a structured growth and with little credit leverage, since 2011.


Portugal is included in the TOP10 as one of the best countries in the world to live in It is one of the safest countries in the world, has a mild and pleasant climate throughout the entire year, excellent health care services and good cultural and leisure agenda. Lisbon was named, in 2016, as one of the 42 cities with the best quality of life.


In Portugal, all citizens benefit from the Public Health Care System, which makes it a high quality and assessable service to all people. Citizens of EU and foreign citizens residing in Portugal can also benefit from this public service in any hospital or health center.

Besides, Portugal has a very good Private Health System too; We are in the 12th position of the 190 highest quality health systems of the world according to the World Health Organization.


Portugal is the 5th most peaceful country in the world in a 163 countries sample (Global Peace Index 2016) and ranks 28th among 168 countries in International Transparency (Corruption Perception Index 2015).


Public schools are nearly costless in Portugal and students start learning several languages very early. On the other hand, there is a vast range of private schools for you to choose from, with some of them being specially oriented to assist foreign students.

The Portuguese secondary education system can o er specialized courses for different types of studies, such as artistic ones or more technical and practical learnings.

The Higher Education system is also a very nice feature of the country. Portuguese Universities are not at all expensive and there is a great o er of courses, either in Public and Private schoold. The Nova Business School and the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics are among the 50 best Universities in the world, according to the Financial Times ranking.

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