… investment consulting company, which provides excellency consultancy services on property, lease, hospitality project management, purchase and sale and real estate.

We are not only focused on finding the right investment to our clients but also in managing and adding value to it.

We provide...

…a complete service during the entire process, from the property search to the conclusion of the transaction. We’ll also help you during the selling or renting of your real estate, thus adding significant value to your property.

Our team...

…of specialists have been working with clients from all over the world in their Real Estate investments in Portugal, for both residency and business purposes, and assisting them while they’re abroad.

All houses and investment types

Tell us what you are looking for. We will get it.

Are you abroad?

We manage your Real Estate, no matter what.

Costumized service

Select your preferred services, the rest is up to us.


Our team has high levels of quality and eficiency.

Free time to you

With us, you can center your attention on enjoying your life.

Our workflow and investment processes are well recognized by our clients.


Real Estate Research

Informed search of Real Estate, meeting the real needs of the client, according to their interests. This allows us to provide a service that meets the expectations of each client.

Investments profitability matched with client's pretensions

Market research by real Yields performed at each time interval and suggestion of the products that are aligned with the demands of each client.

Advice and monitoring in the acquisition or sale of real estate

Advice about suggested products, customer follow-up when moving to real estate, advice targeted to their needs during the buying and selling processes.

Leasing management of our clients' Real Estate rentings

We offer our clients the best and most complete service packages covering all aspects of a property. The services are designed and integrated to the client’s permisses, on an “each client is a case” basis, offering a wide range of property management services.

Consultancy in hotel and real estate projects

Advice, design and development of real estate and hospitality projects through skills, knowledge and experience in these fields, by the Finpartner Real Estate and our network of exceptional partners.


Properties research and management for renting, according to the technical features that fit to our clients’ requests, providing an excellence service.

Mores services to you!

Accounting & Tax Planning Issues

Consulting and Taxation Services

Management Services

Human Resources

Temporary Company Headquarters

Support to Single Persons and Independent Workers

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